Who I Serve

Medical Consultation

I provide services to anyone who wants to transform their health and live a life of wellness, without, or by reducing medications, Doctor's and clinic visits, surgical interventions; and to anyone who wishes to adjunct their routine medical care with Nurse Coaching.  

I specialize in working with healthcare practitioners who are dealing with chronic disease or illness, or who simply wish to live in better health.  In turn, they can provide information and promote wellness care to their own patients. 

I am able to provide services via telephone and/or zoom, to anyone in the states listed below.  Because I have a nursing license, I must follow my Nursing Practice Guidelines.  

Where I Practice

Compact Map.jpg

I have a compact nursing license. (NLC)  This means I am licensed to practice nursing in several states.  The map explains what states I am licensed to practice in, and therefore can coach clients from these states (light blue).  

New Jersey has enacted legislation to become part of the NLC, due to Covid, has not yet implemented.  Date TBD.

Massachusetts, Michigan, and Pennsylvania have legislation pending, but have not yet determined NLC status.  

The remaining states have not yet enacted legislation.  

If you would like to work with me, but do not live in a compact state, there are options!