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  • Do you frequently hear people say "You're so sensitive" or "What's wrong with you?"
  • Are you especially sensitive to noises like sirens, loud music, the sound of someone chewing?
  • Are you especially sensitive to bright or flashing lights?
  • Are you especially sensitive to the way clothing feels, light touch on your skin, or other touch stimuli? Do you avoid purchasing specific clothing because of the way it feels?
  • Do you avoid or make special arrangements for events due to fear of being overwhelmed?
  • Do you feel that you aren't good enough, or lack self-confidence?
  • Do you feel "different" or misunderstood?
  • Do you feel like your sensitivities hold you back? Do they feel like a weakness?
  • Did you know that an empowered highly sensitive person is more powerful than someone who is not sensitive?

Would you like to see your sensitivities as a gift?  Would you like to turn them into superpowers and utilize them to thrive and create a life of abundance?

I am the Highly Sensitive Nurse Coach.  As an HSP myself, I understand the challenges of this personality trait.  I can help you  learn to empower yourself with your sensitivities, discover the superpowers that lie within you to create a life of joy, abundance, and gratitude.  

Do you think you or someone you love is HSP?  Take the self-test here

Do you think your child is HSP?  Take the assessment here

Suggested Reading:

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The Highly Sensitive Person
by Dr. Elaine Aron

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by Susan Cain


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The Highly Sensitive Nurse Coach

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