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Holistic Transformational Coaching

It is my purpose to be a compassionate guide, integrating a holistic mind/body/spirit paradigm to promote health, wellness, and well~being while facilitating and empowering my client’s growth and healing.

As an RN with 30 years of vast experience, I have the education, experience, and skills to understand chronic disease, medications, medical interventions, and what is needed to manage health holistically.  

I specialize in working with Highly Sensitive People and helping them harness the superpowers of their gifts to live a joyous and fulfilled life.  

Once you experience health & wellness coaching by an RN, you will realize that you are experiencing a higher level of experience, education, care, and coaching. 

I will help you to transform your health and wellness to live the most energetic, authentic, empowered life you choose to live.

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What is a Nurse Coach and Why  Work With One?


​What is a Nurse Coach?

A Nurse Coach is a Registered Nurse who can support the process of growth for 

individuals and/or groups to reach their full health and wellness potential, using a

body-mind-emotion-spirit-environmental approach.  ​

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Why work with a Nurse Coach?

Nurse coaches are required to have several years of nursing education and experience as a foundation to developing their coaching skills.  We have medical licensure and experience with acute and chronic disease, illness, and trauma.  We utilize a holistic and naturopathic approach to care and coaching. 


The average American spends $10, 739 in sick care costs each year.  Nurse coaching is an investment in your health care;  while there is no recent data, a Nurse Coach, can help you decrease your sick care costs significantly by helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle.


What can you achieve by working with me?

Manage Your Disease & Health

Safely and Effectively

Together, we will empower you to holistically manage your health or disease, and stop treating your symptoms, reducing or stopping the amount of medications you are taking, procedures and other medical interventions.  


Start living a life of health and learn how to be a more effective practitioner to your own patients by leading by example. 

Establish Healthy Eating Habits

Naturally and Organically

Healthy eating is a challenge for many of us, especially healthcare practitioners who often work through their allotted breaks, eating meals on the go, unhealthy snacks, and less than healthy cafeteria food.  


Together, we will create a healthy eating plan that will maintain your energy and fuel your body naturally and organically.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

To Last a Lifetime

Health and wellness are a lifelong journey, and a lifelong lifestyle.  


You will learn mind-body-spirit techniques to use for a lifetime, including meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, nutrition,  exercise, and spiritual guidance. 

Each of these may look different for every person, and we will discover what works best for you.

Set Health & Wellness Goals


Setting goals is critical to long term success.  I will guide you first with small, easier SMART  goals.  We will build on these goals with each conversation, ultimately creating sustainable, achievable goals to last a lifetime.    

Personalized Holistic Health & Wellness Plan

Unique to You

Each of us are unique.   We each have different life experience, learn differently, have different motivations, and different reasons for wanting to achieve long term health & wellness.  For this reason, it is impossible for one program to fit everyone.  

We will collaborate to create a personal plan that works for you. 

Total Health & Wellness Transformation

For a Happier and Healthier You

Ultimately, you will transform your life, through mind, body and spirit, to have more time and money to spend doing the things you love, with those you love.  

Tying Shoelaces

Jeff, Air Ambulance Pilot

I appreciated how Jacqui redirected some of my thinking to open up some possibilities by asking questions to help me think of and implement solutions.  

Wellness Coach

Anne, Social Worker

Working with Jacqui has helped me redefine my health goals, make my needs a priority and give me the language and support to advocate for myself. 

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Amy, RN

Jacqui has a natural ability to be present, hold space, and push me out of my comfort zone in order for me to achieve the results I desired.