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About Turning Point Health & Wellness Transformations

Meet Jacqui

It is my purpose to be a compassionate guide, integrating a holistic mind/body/spirit paradigm to promote health, wellness, and well~being while facilitating and empowering my client’s growth and healing.

Jacqui created TuRNing Point Health & Wellness Transformations, Inc., with the goal of helping clients transform their health so that they may live their lives with joy and purpose. By focusing on prevention and management of their health, other than on treating the symptoms of their disease, clients and patients can spend more time doing things they want and love to do in an empowered and healthy way.

Jacqui Angelo, RN, Nurse Coach

Jacqui Angelo, RN, NC, HN-BC
Board Certified Holistic Nurse
Functional Medicine Nurse
Transformational Holistic Health, Wellness, and Life  Coach


Jacqui has been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years.  She has worked in pediatrics, critical care, nephrology, organ donation, and most recently, hospice.  It was in hospice that Jacqui began to realize there is a more holistic, natural way to heal.  She became a Nurse Coach through the Nurse Coach Collective in 2020.  In 2022, she enrolled in INCA's Functional Medicine for Nurses course and became a Functional Medicine Nurse.

She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2003. She gave herself interferon B injections for over 4 years.  The side effects were debilitating, and she decided she preferred to treat her disease with nutrition, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.  She has been off medications and mostly symptom-free since 2007. She learning the principles of Functional Medicine, she has been symptom free since 2022.

Who I Serve

I provide services to anyone who wishes to transform their health and live a life of wellness, treating the root cause rather than managing symptoms.    

I am able to provide services via telephone and/or zoom.  I can provide in-person services locally. 

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